Cricket match on the U of I campus

On my way back from Illini baseball’s Orange and Blue game on Saturday, I was treated to a cricket match on the University of Illinois campus.  Seeing as I already had my camera with me, I snapped some photos.

In the past, I’ve watched these guys practice on my way home from work on Fridays.  THIS, I gather, is what they’re practicing for.

orangebluesat09 150  orangebluesat09 151
 orangebluesat09 152 orangebluesat09 153

I know next to nothing about the game of cricket but I do enjoy watching the bowler in action as he bowls the ball toward the batsman.  Unlike baseball, HE gets a running start.


orangebluesat09 156


orangebluesat09 164


orangebluesat09 162

A cricket player rests a rest as the teams took a break to let two elderly walk through the sidewalk the players were playing on.

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