Gene “Therapy” may replace performance enhancing drugs

dr bashir

Obscure reference?

Hmm… this is looks rather disturbing. 

Gene doping or “therapy”, if you will may be the performance enhancer for athletes in the future. 

How it works (from Scripps):

Through gene therapy, doctors can target specific, problematic genes by injecting a virus into the person’s body. The virus has been stripped of its disease-causing materials and instead carries a human gene that is mutilated or missing in that person. When the virus multiplies, the new, healthy gene will have different traits than the one it replaced.

In athletes, the injections could add traits that didn’t exist before or reinforce existing traits.

How it works or how WELL it works or even what the side effects are really up in the air at this point.  But I bet that won’t stop some people once it becomes viable. 


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