Ibanez a bit testy over steroid allegation

What can Raul Ibanez do to prove he’s clean of steroids?  Whatever it is, he’ll do it.

Responding to a posting on midwestsportsfans.com and the comments that ensued that implicated him of using PEDs, Ibanez is willing to go above and beyond to prove he’s innocent.

"You can have my urine, my hair, my blood, my stool — anything you can test," Ibanez said, according to the report. "I’ll give you back every dime I’ve ever made" if the test is positive, he added.

But he also wants to hold people accountable for their statements:

"I’ll put that up against the jobs of anyone who writes this stuff," he said, according to the Inquirer. "Make them accountable. There should be more credibility than some 42-year-old blogger typing in his mother’s basement. It demeans everything you’ve done with one stroke of the pen.

“Mother’s basement”… ouch!

For what it’s worth, the article on midwestsportsfans.com makes a bold assertion but is well thought out, not leaning toward the sensationalistic and backed up by stats.  Plus it looks at all sides of the issues.  The comments, of course are not.  But that is the nature of discourse.

But I’m not taking sides here… I don’t want Raul showing at on my door with a vial of urine or anything.

2 Responses to “Ibanez a bit testy over steroid allegation”

  1. If you’re going to have a beef with anyone, it should be with the Philadelphia Inquirer columnist who started the whole uproar in the beginning. The blogger in question never accused Ibanez of using steroids, something this columnist (John Gonzales is his name, I believe) said the blogger actually did. What a pathetic excuse for a journalist.

  2. no beef with the blogger from me the blogger (while obviously bringing up the whole steroid connection) did his best to look at all angles.

    but mainstream media does sometimes make the mistake of looking at comments and attributing them to the blog as a whole.

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