Carl Pavano shuts down Tigers and maybe shuts up critics

I admit I snickered a bit when I read the news release about Minnesota trading for starting pitcher Carl Pavano.  My first reaction was: Is the Twins’ pitching really that bad off? 

Since 2004 when Pavano won 18 games with Florida, there have been continual trips to the DL not to mention countless disappointments for Yankee fans save for those who were smart enough to not to get their hopes up.  Pavano won only nine games between 2005-2008 including missing 2006 altogether.  This year with Cleveland, he has won nine games already despite a 5.37 ERA.  A positive stat for Pavano:  only 23 walks in 125+ innings.

Well, Carl Pavano may have quieted his critics a little after his first start tonight.  Against rival Detroit, he pitched seven scoreless innings in the Twins’ 11-0 victory.  Pavano was efficient, facing only 27 batters and throwing only 90 pitches.  And yeah, his control remained intact, walking none. 

Minnesota is within striking distance of first place in the AL Central.  With today’s win, they are only 4.5 games back behind first place Detroit and 2.5 behind second place Chicago.  The Twins put out the usual line that Carl Pavano is what they need to win down the homestretch.  I wonder if Pavano’s performance tonight helps them convince themselves of their own PR-speak (it shouldn’t surprise them TOO much, Pavano owns the Tigers.  He came into the game with a 3-0 record and a 1.93 for the season against them). 

Carl Pavano won’t come out and pitch shutout ball every start.  But it’s POSSIBLE he could be a productive member of their staff.  But the big issue with Mr Pavano is his health.  Hopefully for the Twins’ sake, history does not repeat itself.

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