Success elicits a different sound bite

Funny, when Albert Pujols has better luck against Tom Glavine, his words are more glowing.

“We beat their best guy, and he was tough,” Pujols said. “He got me the last time, but I got a perfect pitch and drove it. We made adjustments. We were more patient out there. I’m seeing the ball well, swinging the bat well.

“With a guy like Tom Glavine, you hopefully can wait for a mistake.”

Kinda like congratulating your opponent on a game well-played… when you’re the victor.

Regardless, Albert’s homer should quiet the media who think he’s lost his touch because he hadn’t had a hit in what, 2 or 3 games.

Now they focus on total downfall of Tom Glavine and how he totally fell apart in Game 5. Note the sarcasm.

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One Response to “Success elicits a different sound bite”

  1. The Talking Heads are just that, Talking Heads. I know Albert Pujols was just doing his machismo thing after Glavine got the best of him the first time around, but I think it shows a lack of class on the part of Phat Albert to diss an opponent that totally dominated you and then give him his ups after you beat him down. Just my thoughts.

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