Tiger Todd Jones speaks out on MLB scheduling

Todd Jones has it all figured out.  He gives his opinion on the playoff schedule on his Your Turn column at the Sporting News website entitled All the Playoff Teams Deserve Prime-time

How would he fix it?

 So, how do you fix it? You cut some games off the regular season and make the postseason like a true second season. You let more teams in the playoffs and then schedule more off-days so more teams get in the prime-time slot…

Finally, you tell the West Coast teams they’ll have to give up their night games in the postseason so the rest of the country can watch — and not have to read about — Jose Valverde saving the first game of the Diamondbacks-Cubs series.

It’s a refreshing article.  Not because I necessarily agree with it all but because it expresses a legitimate opinion.  And one that doesn’t toe the company line. 

And because he calls the Yankees the Evil Empire.  Todd Jones, he has a sense of humor.


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