Chicks may dig the long ball but I bet they’re into Ichiro too

On the same day, Jose Bautista hit his 50th homer of the season and Ichiro Suzuki got his 200th hit of the season for the tenth consecutive season. 

I’ll give you one guess which story got the most news coverage.  Yeah, Bautista. 

Ichiro’s milestone is a significant one.  No other player has accomplished such a feat.  Not Cobb, not Hornsby nor Lajoie.  Pete Rose is the only to have ten (non-consecutive) seasons with 200 hits.

It’s a shared opinion among many of my baseball friends that if he chose to, Ichiro could hit 30 homers a season.  Maybe more.  He just chooses to play his brand of baseball.  The one that earns him a .331 career batting average, best among active players.

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