Pujols sets NL assists mark

Tired of hearing about Albert Pujols’ prowess with the bat?  Little exasperated with Albert Pujols leading the league in most meaningful offensive category in the NL?

Maybe this story will cheer you up (but probably won’t).

Today, Pujols set the National League record for assists for a firstbaseman with 181 passing Mark Grace’s record set in 1990. 

In typical fashion, Pujols was quite humble, passing the credit on to his teammates:

"That’s good," Pujols said of the record. "That will tell you that our pitchers are keeping the ball down and keeping me busy at first."

…and a bit sheepish as well…

"I also made an error that cost us the game right there," Pujols said. "That’s part of the game. It just gave me a bad hop and that’s it."

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