Draft picks with issues

That’s Not Exactly How It Works

Scott Schafer, who was the New York Mets’ sixth round draft choice, is being investigated by the organization because of statements on his myspace website.
Schafer is using the Mets logo and is claiming to be a member of the team.
While he has been dropped by his agent, the Mets eventually decided to stick with Schafer barring any other incidents.

Perhaps He Should Work on his Phone-Answering Motion

Highly touted draft pick Brandon Morrow, who was picked 5th overall, has run into a bit of bad luck. He has suffered an injury to his pitching elbow while picking up the phone when answering a call from the Seattle Mariners.. Ironically, that was the call to tell him he was the 5th pick.

Mariners’ GM Bill Bavasi:

“We know a little bit about pitching injuries, and there’s always a possibility it’s just a cramp,” Bavasi said. “He told us he can’t pick up a can of soda without severe pain. But you know how kids exaggerate.”

Put all the spin you want on it. But it still doesn’t sound good.

Correction: I found out that the above Morrow story by Art Thiel is a satire and not true. Many shows and media outlets believed it though. Apparently, Morrow’s voice mailbox has been quite full.

Thanks to Conor for pointing this out!

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5 Responses to “Draft picks with issues”

  1. Not the Best Picks

    The Baseball Zealot notices a couple of draft picks in trouble early….

  2. The Morrow thing is fake – the writer was trying to be funny and make fun of all of Seattle’s pitching injuries.

  3. yes, I missed the very subtle humor.

    a lot of people fell for it though.


  4. yeah i was shocked SHOCKED that an 18 year old male is in luuuvvv with his body parts. lets get that boy some counseling.

    and the mets found out that he DOES want to sign.

    i guess insisting on just saintly lil choir boys will keep them out of the papers


  5. LOL! Hi Lisa.. welcome to TBZ..

    yeah, it’s a double-edge sword. If I were a potential employer, I’d look at it like this: it’s not like he did anything that HORRIBLE. However, his lack of good judgement…

    and that goes not just for Schafer but for all the young folks out there on the job market who are considering putting their indiscretions on the web :)

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