Cops catch Lincecum with pot

Tim Lincecum’s timing was bit off last week. 

Last Friday, the former Cy Young award winner was caught with pot when he was stopped after driving 74 mph in a 60 mph zone.  Police found a pipe and 3.3 grams of marijuana. 

Lincecum was “cited and released” and will receive a fine for the misdemeanor. 

Rumor has it that the Giants won’t be taking action against him.  But secretly, they’re probably taking some satisfaction that Lincecum’s arbitration hearing will be coming up soon.  No doubt, this will come up during the hearings and perhaps have a little impact. 

Lay off the doobie, Tim.  It’ll cost you.

One Response to “Cops catch Lincecum with pot”

  1. WTF, what’s the biggie about hash, really, i know it’s illegal, but is it really any worse than drinking, much better, IMHO!!! smoke em if you got em freak, smoke em if you got em, and you aren’t really a friend if you don’t share

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