Some words of calm wisdom from Tom Glavine… or is it damage control?

Tom Glavine talked to the press Friday about PED testing standards in the major leagues.

“I think that it’s easy to sit on the outside, look at what has happened and blame Bud Selig or Don Fehr and the Players Association by saying that one of these guys or all of these guys knew more and should have known more,” Glavine said. “You know what? I don’t think it’s fair to say that.

While I’m certainly not ready to absolve Bud Selig on the matter especially considering what he said the other day about not taking responsibility on the steroid issue, Glavine’s point is somewhat well taken.  The fans and the media are busy playing the blame game and most of the dialogue I hear is more directed at hatin’ on the player rather than solving the problem. 

My friend Nick once told me, “C’mon, fans like to boo!”.  Of course, he was talking about within a ballgame.  However, you could extend his point to the broader context of Major League Baseball and problems it faces.  A lot of fans (most?) would just as soon read the headlines and listen to the sound bites throw ARod to the wolves.  Most of the media, unfortunately, is complicit in this as well, fueling the fire of contempt rather than providing good solutions to the issue. 

I’m not an ARod fan and I’m certainly not condoning what he did.  I’ve just seen and heard what has happened in the past with similar issues.  Bonds, McGwire, the list is long and problem is still here. 

Glavine does advocate for consequences for Alex Rodriguez, as well he should, 

“There comes a time for everybody in life — I don’t care where you are or what you do — that you have choices to make, and sometimes people make bad choices.  If you make a bad choice, then that’s your responsibility to deal with the consequences of that bad choice, and certainly Alex is having to deal with that.

However, baseball management was definitely responsible, at least in part, for not quelling the steroid issue at some point.  With his statement to the press, Glavine needs to be careful while he treads a fine line between calm, reasoned thought and being a ‘yes’ man for the MLB (ironic since he is the player rep for the NL). 

All parties need to take responsibility…

5 Responses to “Some words of calm wisdom from Tom Glavine… or is it damage control?”

  1. About A-Rod: Do you think his steroid admission will taint all of the years that A-Rod has led his teams to World Championships?

  2. A-Rod doesn’t have any rings for championships. I see his biggest hurdle not that he lied, but he lied during his apology- not very good.

  3. DonS, will it? yes. I think the “tainting” has already begun.

    Tainting is one thing but disqualifying or rewriting baseball history (which some have advocated in the Palmeiro and McGwire cases) is a dangerous precedent.

    Understand it. Deal with the situation at hand. And don’t let emotions get in the way.

    It reminds me of the Bonds thing. I am definitely not a Bonds fan. But I did not like how he was treated at away ballparks.
    Let’s face it. Most of the fans who were holding their signs and railing against Bonds a few years ago, didn’t give a hoot about steroids a couple years prior. They just know that there was a guy who may have cheated and this is a good reason to hate on him.

    And nobody loves (to hate) a villain more than America.

  4. Lou,
    ala Rafael Palmeiro, right? Good point.

  5. I still hold Tom Glavine as one of the most egotistical phonies in baseball, and one of the major contributing factors in the World Series not played in 1994. Hypocrite Glavine could of helped institute drug testing within the 1994 CBA.

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