Baseball Reference is goin’ mobile

A few weeks ago, I was out and about and had the need to look up some baseball stats.  I have Baseball Reference punched in as a bookmark on my Android smartphone.  I wouldn’t say perusing the site was painful… I actually was able to find whatever stat I was looking for.  But quite honestly, it was laborious and I thought boy, Sean really needs a mobile version of this site or maybe even an app. 

Huzzah!! Baseball Reference now has gone mobile!

And it looks sharp, too.  I just gave it a quick test run and so far it passes my test. 

1) it’s easy to navigate especially considering how complicated this particular site is.

2) the text is clear as a bell as very easy to read

3)  and comprehensible.  Most everything you see on the regular website can be accessed via the mobile site. 

So bookmark on your mobile device (you actually don’t have to.  Browsing to Baseball Reference’s normal web site with a mobile device will take you there). 

Thanks to Sean at Baseball Reference for going the extra step. 

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