Seattle Mariners to be crunching data

Looks like the Mariners who lost 101 games in 2008, are planning to focus more on statistical analysis. 

It was about a year ago that the Pittsburgh Pirates’ newly hired  smartypants GM Neal Huntington was talking sabermetric smack at a press conference.  One would have thought that have meant they were approaching the game in a different fashion.  So different that they finished… last again.

Must have been in the implementation. 

The Mariners meanwhile, are creating a whole department devoted to the topic.

The department will fall under the auspices of Tony Blengino, a longtime baseball stats analyst and a special assistant to new Mariners general manager Jack Zduriencik. Details of the department’s mandate and size are still to be worked out, but the move could vault the Mariners from their perceived Stone Age approach to stats to one in which they’re seen as one of the game’s more progressive franchises.

hehe, Stone Age. Good one.

The Mariners plan to take all the statistical data they accumulate and combine it with their scouting info.

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