Beginner’s Guide to Following Chicago Baseball on Twitter

twitter-logo If you use Twitter, I assume you are on for on two reasons.  To  glean information and perhaps to give your own analysis/info on what you know. 

If you are a Chicago Cubs or Chicago White Sox fan and on you are Twitter, there are some must-follow feeds to get the most out of the social networking tool.  This is a general guide that will help you get started. 

Let’s start with the basics. 

The Teams

Here are the official twitter accounts for the two major league teams.  Follow these if you want the latest news from the Cubs and Sox.  Keep in mind that anything from here will most likely be links you will see on or press releases.  Certainly nothing too juicy.

Chicago Cubs @cubs

White Sox @whitesox


Search Hashtags

Since you all can can read the articles on on your own, perhaps of more interest to Chicago baseball fans is search hashtags.  This will allow you to follow all tweets from baseball fans having to do with say, the Cubs. Without going into a whole tutorial on Twitter (you can find a good one on hashtags here), suffice to say that any tweet with the “#” sign before the search term before it will be included in the search query and folks will see it when they follow that query.

So the ones that we’re interested in are:

Chicago Cubs #cubs

Chicago White Sox #whitesox

Keep in mind that Twitter programs (like Tweetdeck, Tweetie or Twitterific) take advantage of hashtags much better than the web version of Twitter.


MLB on Twitter

Let me throw out the general Major League Baseball Twitter links out there while I’m on the topic. 

MLB on Twitter @mlb

To follow the Major League Baseball hashtag, it’s #mlb


Other Chicago Baseball people to follow

Cubs fans will want to follow MLB Cubs beat writer Carrie Muskat (@carriemuskat).  Similarly, Scott Merkin (@scottmerkin) who covers the Sox for is must for White Sox fans.

For the Cubs fans, here a few more. 

Iowa Cubs @Iowa Cubs

Official Cubs Vine Line @vinelinetwitter (not too active yet)

Len Kasper and Bob Brenly’s Official Twitter @lenandbob


For the White Sox:

Charlotte Knights @KnightsBaseball

Sun Times Sox blog @CST_sox


I was thinking of throwing up some baseball blog twitter links for both teams but so there are so many I wouldn’t be doing justice to some good ones out there.  Just know that most all of them out there have a twitter presence and it’s easy to follow them.  Not only is it an easy way to get notified when they update their website but more importantly, you get some good insights from the bloggers in 140 characters or less. 

Also, there aren’t too many active Chicago players on Twitter right now (no, the Carlos Zambrano you see is a fake).  Former White Sox OF/1B Nick Swisher (@NickSwisher) has an account is quite active (and interesting).  Fantasy Baseball Dugout blog has a list of current MLB players on Twitter.  Keep in mind not all players with accounts are active or even post themselves. 

I’ll throw one more in here for kicks just because it’s been in the news lately.  Ozzie Guillen is on the Twitter thing now.  And so far, he been having fun with it.  So has the Twitter community because his Tweets have been quite nonsensical at times.  I’ve said it before… I’m not a Sox fan but I kind of like Ozzie Guillen because I think he makes MLB a little uncomfortable.  This Twitter venture on his part is just one more example. You can find Ozzie on Twitter @ozzieguillen.

I hope this help those of you baseball fans who are just starting to use Twitter.  If you have other relevant Chicago baseball people to follow on Twitter, please let me know. 

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