MLB Advanced Media seeing cloud in Silverlight?

silverlight3  With the new rollout of Firefox 3, those at MLB Advanced Media may be a bit frustrated. 

You see, those who use Firefox 3 and want to see MLB’s videos using Microsoft Silverlight which they went to last year, may be experiencing problems.  The new release of Firefox 3 does not support the current version of Silverlight

Word has it, though, that the second version of Silverlight will work with Firefox 3.  Unfortunately, it is still in beta at this point.  Unfortunate for MLB and unfortunate for the fans who use FF3 and don’t wish to trust a beta release yet.

Firefox has a browser share of anywhere around 15-25 percent (maybe higher for MLB’s target audience.  then again, maybe not).  Mozilla hasn’t pushed Firefox 3 out yet opting to let browsers download the new version voluntarily.  But it will only be a matter of time when FF 3 will be the standard. 

As for me, I like Firefox 3 and I’m going to either going to find a way to make it work or find a different way to watch my content. 

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  1. I sure hope they are able to fix this soon.

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