Kiwanis Sports Trivia Championship: Wait till next year

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Shawn and I took part in today’s C-U Kiwanis Sports Trivia Championship at the Hilton Garden Inn.  There were a few words we could use to describe our performance today.  Among the printable ones are “humiliating”, “pitiful”, and “put in our place”. 

No, we didn’t do very well. 

But we DID have fun and the Kiwanis event’s purpose was to raise money for a couple good causes, most notably the Don Moyer’s Boys and Girls Club. 

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“Captain”.  I like the sound of that.

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Here’s page 1 of the General Baseball round questions (click to enlarge).

Shawn and I did pretty well on the General Baseball round.  I’m embarrassed to say we did better on the St Louis Cardinals round than the Chicago Cubs round (ouch).  I was happy I got this one right:  “What are the dimensions to centerfield in Wrigley Field?”  400 feet.

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The judges tabulating the scores.

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A representative from the “Dave’s Guys” team accepting the $1000 check prize.

Kudos to “Dave’s Guys” who won it all.  It was a good fight.  It came down to a two-way tie at the end and a tie-breaker was necessary.  The tie-breaker was brutal, it seemed.  Ten questions, no multiple choice.  We knew that both teams had deserved to be there because the Championship came down to one question.  “Dave’s Guys” had to answer EVERY question in order to win it all.  Congratulations to them.

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Event Organizer Jim Sheppard 

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MC Brian Barnhart


Thanks to the Kiwanis for a great time.  Jim Sheppard (former PA announcer of the Illini) did a great job organizing the event.  Brian Barnhart (broadcaster for the Illini and former broadcaster for the Angels) used his awesome voice as the MC.  Thanks also to my good friend and teammate Shawn, who at least made it fun and answered the questions I couldn’t. 

The Kiwanis say they plan to do this again so we plan to avenge our mediocre performance.

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