White Sox Trivia

white_sox_77_1080 One June 19, 1977 this White Sox firstbaseman sang the pre-game National Anthem then went out and went 4-7 with a pair of home runs, playing error-less ball in the field, in a doubleheader sweep versus Oakland. Who was this multi-talented Alabamian?

I remember this day 30+ years ago like it was yesterday, but don’t ask me what I had for breakfast.

6 Responses to “White Sox Trivia”

  1. white sox 1B makes me think jim spencer… is that right?

  2. nope, not Jim Spencer, although he was a firstbaseman on the 1977 Southside Hitmen.

  3. Lamar Johnson?

  4. That’s it!

  5. who was the white sox who was from st. micheals, md?

  6. Bainsey!!!

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