MLB keeps Joyce quiet for Tiger reunion

It is apparently big news that umpire Jim Joyce has to have his interviews approved by MLB.

This news comes in time for Joyce’s return to Detroit’s Comerica Park and his reunion with Armando Galarraga whose perfect game he bumbled earlier this year. 

USA Today Sports’ headline really puts the clamp-down on MLB officials.  “Umpire Jim Joyce muzzled by MLB over Armando Galarraga reunion”, it says.  For a second or two, it even got my blood boiling.  Then, I realized it was pretty much standard operating procedure for baseball employees whether they be players, umpires coaches or managers.  Unless you’re Ozzie Guillen, most statements to the press need to go through a PR person who is sanctioned by MLB.

I don’t like it but that’s how it goes.  It should be any surprise to anyone that MLB is still doing damage control. 

They did take the muzzle off Joyce briefly so he could talk to the press about NOT talking to the press:

“You know me — I’d normally do it in a heartbeat," Joyce said about 90 minutes before Friday’s game between Detroit and Baltimore. "But I got a call yesterday from Major League Baseball saying that I’m under restriction, and that all interview requests have to be approved by them."

Wait for Joyce’s auto-biography.  We’ll hear all about it then.

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