And the CUBS WIN!!! I saw it was gonna be in the mid 70s & sunny, perfect to watch a ballgame from the Bleachers at Wrigley Field. Really wanted to see the Dodgers kids like Andre Ethier, Jonathan Broxton, Matt Kemp, & Russell Martin. Was looking forward to BP from the Bleachers, nothing like it, dunno why no BP today. Ethier pinch hit in the 9th, ended the game with a K, heard the other night he stepped to the plate after back to back walks, and made an out on the first pitch, perhaps he had the take sign, perhaps that’s why he found his butt on the pines. Broxton pitched a perfect 8th inning (K’d 2), after the horse got out of the barn & was running down the road in the 7th. Martin looked tired, fly balls just died off his bat, left three on. Kemp didn’t play. Dunno why there was no BP. Aramis Ramirez turned an L into a W with a 7th inning three run shot off Brett Tomko, I’d just asked a Dodger fan if Dodgers manager Grady Little was really gonna leave Tomko in to pitch to Ramirez, why not bring in Broxton one batter sooner? Tomko was just a three run homer waiting to happen. This same Dodger fan was saying five minutes earlier how he didn’t want the Dodgers to get in as the Wild Card, he better take what he can get. Wade Miller & Hong-Chih Kuo were the starters, Miller allowed a two run homer (only hit he surrendered) off the RF foul pole to Marlin Anderson, Kuo struckout six thru six innings of work, no walks. Dusty might have learned something as he used Bobby Howry to pick up the save, #5, 6-5 Cubs win. Here are three reasons why I view Dusty as a bad manager… When he was with SF his son was almost involved in a nasty home plate collision, MLB dugouts are not preschools. Again with the Giants Baker was managing in the World Series against Anaheim, he came out to pull starter Russ Ortiz, he had the lead, Baker decided to give the ball to Ortiz as a keep sake, Angel hitters saw this, and came roaring back for the win. Then in the Bartman game, I was there, why didn’t Baker tell Moises Alou to shut the F up & go back to LF?, why didn’t Baker have somebody warming up when his 22 year old starter was five outs away from getting the Cubs into the series?, why didn’t Baker go out to at least talk with Prior when things started coming apart, before he was left in there to give up eight runs and then take him out? Cuz Baker’s a GOOF!

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