5/4/06: Jose is a Hot Dog


It was Dollar Dog Thursday out at the Cell! Jose Contreras was up to the challenge besting the Mariners 4-1, walking in a run in the 6th. Contreras became the first 5-0 pitcher with a nifty 1.41 ERA. Ozzie Guillen came out to talk to his big righthander, but stuck with him till he got out of the jam. Then he brought on Neal Cotts to gain the lefty pitcher matchup and brought in Bobby Jenks to close it out. This day was a preview of summer. It was really hot (the girls) in the Bleachers, and the weather was too. Got out of the sun after a couple of innings in the outfield and shifted to behind the plate. I know first hand the girls at the Cell have it all over the women of Wrigley. Right next to organist Nancy Faust is a great place to stand and watch the game. If you’re ever at the Cell stop over and say hi.

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4 Responses to “5/4/06: Jose is a Hot Dog”

  1. i dont know about anyone else, but im gettin hungry looking at your last couple posts :)

  2. “I know first hand the girls at the Cell have it all over the women of Wrigley.”

    Cell females have about “50 pounds apiece” over the women at Wrigley.

    That’s what you meant by “all,” right?

  3. If you like the suburban preppies that inhabit Wrigley, then, like, go there.

  4. Teddy Ballgame,

    …and if the “Tattooed bruisers, the Butterballs and the Bruno-style Beefeaters” more suit YOUR taste in women, then, by all means, go for the “heavies.”

    To each his own. No accounting for human taste.

    Me? I share the ideals of Brian Wilson: “I wish they all could be California girls.”


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