The White Sox were ready to play when the Cubbies strongest rival came to town. It was weird to see this strange red foe on the Southside of Chicago. There really isn’t any history between the two clubs, so it was hard to know what to feel upon seeing Cardinal fans wearing their 2005 “whatever they were champion of” apparel. As the track record would indicate Sox starter Javier Vazquez surrendered a first inning run, but that wasn’t going to hold up. Mark Mulder was the Card hurler and to say he’s been struggling would be a vast understatement. The White Sox got it going in the bottom of the 3rd and before the dust had cleared there were 11 runs on the board, even Brian Anderson got an RBI double to right center. Just in case there was any doubt, Sidney Ponson was brought on to face the onslaught in the 6th inning, he hit two batters in a row, was thrown out of the game, and the Sox plated six more runs, making the score 19-2. The guy, who cleans up spilled popcorn (not all mine) behind the plate where we stand, came up to me and sez, “No good, no twenty, only 19”. In the 7th inning after Joe Crede launched a bomb to LF, he came back smiling and exclaimed, “Twenty!” David Riske got revenge by nailing Chris Duncan with a pitch, guess he won’t be farmed out. Duncan got a little revenge of his own for the Redbirds by launching a 9th inning long ball. But the four 9th inning runs scored by St. Louis didn’t mean a whole lot, final score 20-6!!!

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