Abreu Bids Fiancee Adieu

From the Philadelphia Daily News:

“Bobby Abreu, a superstar in the Latin world and a kinglike figure in
Venezuela, is handling an international scandal
without much angst. His fiancee, former Miss Universe
and Miss Venezuela, Alicia Machado was filmed making nookie
with another man on a TV show in Mexico called ‘La
Granja’. Abreu declined comment on the matter
besides confirming that the relationship is over.”
Not that there would be a whole lot to say anyway.

A few years back I was in Clearwater, Florida watching
the Phillies Spring Training when everything came to a
halt as the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen walked
by. I asked a parking attendant who confirmed it was
Abreu’s girl. Brings to mind the old song, “Never
Make a Pretty Woman Your Wife”.

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