Alternatives to the Homerun Derby

Well, Ryan Howard became the second Phillie in as many years to win the Home Run Derby.

Yawn, show me a competition that really tests the skills of our baseball players. I mean something that is truly fun and exciting to watch and that adds some suspense as well. For example:

Bunt for a Hit Showdown: This will give a sense of worth for all those speedy leadoff men with low OBP out there.
Suggested participants: Juan Pierre, Corey Patterson, Willy Taveras and the like. For kicks, we’ll let Matt Stairs play, too.

Catcher’s Throw Competition: Who has the best arm in the league? Find out when they try to throw out the best basestealers.
Suggested participants: I-Rod, Jorge Posada, Ramon Hernandez. Haha, we could invite Piazza and tell him it was a home run derby or something.

Home Run Derby: Pitchers Style: Why let the sluggers have all the fun? The lineup for this derby would be stacked with those arms with the best sticks.
Suggested participants: Carlos Zambrano, Bronson Arroyo, Jorge Sosa. Maybe Ryan Howard could pitch.

Managerial Press Conference Duck and Run: This would be quite fun. Get the press involved.
Suggested participants: Ozzie Guillen (give him a handicap, though), Dusty Baker, throw in Bud Selig for good measure.

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2 Responses to “Alternatives to the Homerun Derby”

  1. I agree. The HR derby is really kind of boring. I only stayed up to watch because my son was into it.

  2. How about a managerial base-throwing contest? You could even have major, minor and old-timers divisions for this. Dirt-kicking, plate-covering and bat rack- throwing could be considered also.

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