It was hard enough to believe that Nick & Jessica were no longer an item, especially after the breakup of Jennifer & Brad, but now the baseball world is rocking at the news that Anna & Kris are done. Rumors have it that the Oriole clubhouse was visibly upset when the news was announced. An unnamed source was quoted as saying, “I was really looking forward to the team’s Christmas party this year”.

Update:  Anna Withdraws her request for a divorce -TBZ


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3 Responses to “ANNA & KRIS, SAY IT AIN’T SO”

  1. not so fast… Anna has changed her mind.

  2. Where’d you hear this??? If true it restores my faith that there still might be hope for marriage. When a millionaire pitcher from Superior, WI can bag a hottie like Anna there’s always hope!!!

  3. i put the link in the post..

    apparently, she did some “soul searching”…

    good one, anna.

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