Bad Bobby Valentine?? Hardly..

I found an article about Bobby Valentine in a Japanese daily, the Mainichi Daily News.  For those not in the know, Valentine just became the first foreign manager to win the Japanese Series.


The article was entitled  The Dark Side of Baseball’s Brightest Star.  After reading the article, I had to laugh to myself.  While it’s true…

 ”During a game, when one of his players is ruled out in a close call, he has been known to bellow what sounds like ‘F**k!'” the no-nonsense weekly… hears from a sports journalist. “He can be pretty aggressive.”

…but that’s about as bad as it gets.  The rest of the article makes him out to be a model manager and husband.  He “never says a bad word about his players” and is “known as a devoted husband”

Guess the media in Japan isn’t much better than America’s.

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