Barry and the Babe

Since when do we celebrate second place when it comes to baseball records? Why is everybody making a big deal about MLB not celebrating Barry Bonds’ 714th and/or 715th home runs? I’ve actually heard media people say it’s a travesty that MLB won’t celebrate Barry’s breaking of Babe Ruth’s record. What record? Babe Ruth’s daughter and grandkids say they won’t participate in any celebration. Do we really care? No offense but the Babe is SECOND! Last time I checked Hank Aaron has the record for lifetime homeruns. I don’t remember much fanfare when Pete Rose moved into second place on the all-time hit list. Does the casual fan even know who is now third? When Nolan Ryan moved into second place on the all-time strikeout list did they stop the game and have a celebration? There was probably an announcement made on the scoreboard and a nice round of applause from those in attendance. MLB is correct in it’s decision not to celebrate Barry’s next two homers. If he breaks Aaron’s record (which I don’t think is going to happen) then MLB should have a celebration worthy of that accomplishment. As for those who think the record will be tainted well too bad. He was not the only player who was juiced and he should not be singled out. There’s no doubt that there is a double standard when it comes to Bonds. It’s funny how during the summer of Mark and Sammy they were feted like no other players in history even though there was little doubt and much speculation about their increased body mass. When a bottle of Andro was found in McGwire’s locker the spin was that it wasn’t banned by baseball. Well neither were steroids. And everybody chuckled when Sammy talked about getting strong by taking Flinstones vitamins. Heck, they were even credited for “saving” baseball after the strike. Now here we are 8 years later and baseball decides to launch a steroid investigation but it really seems like a Barry Bonds investigation. Can we really even take any investigation commissioned by MLB seriously? All I know is that Barry Bonds is the best player I’ve ever seen play and I’m pulling for him to break the record – the real record of 755.

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