Baseball, Softball called out for 2012 Olympics

The International Olympic Committee voted to eliminate both softball and baseball as sports for the 2012 London Summer Olympics.  They will have one more chance in the 2008 Beijing Olympics and there is a chance for appeal for reinstatement in 2016. 

This is a bit of a surprise for all concerned at least according to the media.  It’s the first time a sport has been eliminated since 1936 when polo was kicked out. 

Those in American softball circles are feeling a bit miffed feeling that their dominance in the 2004 Olympics may have something to do with it.  The USA team outscored their opponents 51-1 in 2004. 

 Crystl Bustos, who hit a record five homers during the 2004 Olympics, said the one-sidedness of the softball tournament should not have been used as a factor. The Americans outscored opponents 51-1.

“If that did play a role in the decision, then that’s pretty pathetic,” she said. “I don’t mean to cut anybody down, but it’s supposed to be the best of the best, and if you get knocked for your excellence, then that’s just not right.”

Each of the sports were put to secret vote and softball and baseball were the only two that didn’t get a majority vote.


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