Busch Stadium could have been yours… or at least part of it.

I’m sure most baseball fans have heard of the online auction of the items left from the destruction of Busch Stadium.  While no figure has been released (the auction site says 889,000 but it’s probably more than that), it’s sure that they will raise more money than any other such auction. 

Hey, I’m a big Albert Pujols fan but 21,000 bucks for his locker?  Most likely bought by some high-class sports bar so they can display it. 

I took the time to head to Lelands.com.  They are the online auction firm who is “the Industry Leader in Sports and Americana Memorabilia” and the ones who handled the Busch auction.

Pujols’ locker?  Here’s a look at it..


The urinal seemed to get a lot a press play from the media too. 


It went for around $2100.  The Pujols locker was at least signed.

Here is the link to browse items from the Busch Farewell Auction.



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