Don’t know if you know this, but despite the fact I live on the Northside of Chicago I’m not really a Cub fan. But I do have a lineup suggestion for The Dusteroo when Todd Walker returns…

1) Hairston LF
2) Walker 2B
3) Lee 1B
4) Burnitz RF
5) Ramirez 3B
6) Patterson CF
7) Barrett C
8) Perez SS

It’s a very balanced lefty/righty batting order. And it has the players who walk most at the top of the lineup.

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  1. Wait.. you’re NOT a Cub fan!?

    I’ll need to re-read your articles again but I could have sworn you said somewhere you were a Cub fan somewhere. Are you sure??

    /sarcasm off


  2. I would switch Burnitz and Ramirez, not being a Burnitz fan.

  3. Besides the L/R balance I also like the fact the walkers are at the top of the order. Get ’em on get ’em in.

  4. hang on teddy,

    we all know you are a closet cub fan.
    we used to go to wrigley and i’d spot that twinkle in your eye

  5. Hey there Greek Freak,

    Hang onto yourself there! That twinkle in my eye came when I was at Wrigley and the Cubs lost, which was most of the time, especially late in the season.

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