Cubs Win!!

Yes, the Cubs won today. Carlos Zambrano pitched a complete game to defeat the Phillies 2-1.

Funny thing about complete games, they don’t involve the bullpen, do they?

All thoughout this winless streak of the Cubs, I had this thought in the back of my head.

What if Dusty Baker, pitch counts be damned, decided to leave a starter who’s pitching well in the whole game and just see what would happen?

Maybe they might win.

As it was, Carlos had a pretty low pitch count for the whole game but maybe Dusty can take a lesson from this.

Go Cubs!

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4 Responses to “Cubs Win!!”

  1. About Dusty Baker: I think he places less emphasis on pitch counts than most Major League managers. It seems to me that the reason he pulls his starter is usually to pinch-hit, when the Cubs are behind. Isn’t one of the criticisms by the “Dusty Haters” that he uses his starters TOO MANY innings?

    Mike Scioscia – MY manager – gives pitch count more weight. Exception: The ACE (Colon, last year and this year) doesn’t seem to be governed by a pitch count. He is expected to at least get the decision, and – ideally – pitch a complete game, resting the bullpen. Of course, Mike doesn’t HAVE to pinch-hit. ;–)

  2. Yes, I suppose that’s true. But what the Cubs fans have been railing on Dusty on lot is his tendency to “play by the book” and ignore when a pitcher is obviously pitching a good game.

    Sometimes even a pitching change is warranted, he tends to go lefty-lefty and righty-righty and doesn’t pay attention to how his pitchers actually do on the splits (Mike Remlinger comes to mind).

  3. I’m spending a lot of time defending Dusty Baker these days.


    Two questions: 1) How many times in our baseball lifetimes (mine is since 1959) have the Cubs won 88 or more games? And 2) How many years has it been since Dusty Baker’s team has NOT won at least 88 games?

    Dusty is paid to win, and he does PLENTY of that. I’m happy with Mike Scioscia. If he were to retire, Dusty would be among my first 3 choices to replace him.

    Maybe Cub fans and radio talk show hosts don’t want Dusty. But 6 months ago, those same people (the talk show hosts, anyway) assured us that getting rid of Sammy Sosa would IMPROVE the Cubs. How has THAT turned out?

    Just my opinion.

  4. Many Cubs fans are calling for Dusty’s resignation.

    I’m not.

    I just think he needs to improve his handling of the pitching staff.

    To give him his due, I think he is a player’s manager. He relates well to the players and they to them.

    I recognize what he has done for the team and certainly don’t take that away from him.

    just to clarify.

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