EI League: Chambana takes on the Royal Giants

eicapsm  For the second Sunday in a row, I took in a Chambana doubleheader at McKinley Field.  Here are the photos I took. 

I had the pleasure of hanging out with Bruce and Leo whose sons were the pitcher and catcher respectively for the first game.  Aside from the good company, that had its advantages as they had the inside scoop on everything. 

Matt Miller did give up five runs in his start but all things considered didn’t pitch as bad as the stats indicate.  He did get the loss when the Royal Giants clobbered Chambana 8-3.  Ironically, Chambana outhit Royal 12 hits to 9 but couldn’t capitalize. 

Chambana got their revenge in Game 2 with a come from behind 4-2 victory.  Unfortunately, all the Chambana took place AFTER I left.  I’m a jinx, I’m starting to think. 

I did get a chance to chat with Matt Wilke (left), catcher for Chambana.  He’s as polite as they come and he not only did he manage to get hit in the first game, he hit the ball hard when he didn’t.  He’s posing with his father Leo in the above photo.  I don’t know anyone who knows more about the physical game of baseball than Leo.  It’s learning experience to listen to him predict a pitch or critique a pitch selection. 


Love those Green & Yellows!



Matt Miller on the mound


A subplot during the second game was this foul ball stuck in the backstop.  With the dearth of available baseballs, the ump kiddingly said that the game might not be able to continue until it was brought down. 

It was still up there when I left. 

As I said, more photos in the Photo Gallery.  Check them out!

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