Game Winning Bird

I was watching the highlights the other night on the MLB Network, especially close when the Indians were shown, as I have two Indians on my fantasy baseball team, Shin Soo Choo & Mark DeRosa.  Well as luck would have it, both players were involved in a bizarre play, which resulted in a game winning hit, an RBI for Choo & a run scored for DeRosa.  Choo lined a single to centerfield, with DeRosa on 2nd, but as the ball skipped toward the Royals centerfielder, who was lining up for a throw home, which would have resulted in a bang-bang play at the plate, the grounder hit a bird.  The centerfielder throws his hands up, as if to signify interference, as the bird picks himself up, and flies off.  The seagull must’ve been rooting him for the Indians, as well as my fantasy team.  That’s taking one for the team.  Would I be stretching it too far to say, he winged it, rather than a dying quail, this was a bird down.  They are now using firecrackers between innings in Cleveland to keep the birds off the field.

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  1. Dave Winfield and Randy Johnson approve.

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