The Chicago White Sox FINALLY did it!!! It was a long time coming. There were alot of nay sayers out there, not the least of which was Jay Mariotti. Seems like only yesterday he was predicting gloom & doom on the Southside of Chicago. The Southside of Chicago is the baddest part of town and if you go down there you better just beward of a man named Leroy Brown, oh yeah, & the Chicago White Sox!!!

The last time the White Sox won the World Series was 1917, before the Black Sox Scandal, before the baseball commissioner took it upon himself to gut the ballclub of its stars. Why oh why couldn’t we have a baseball commissioner like Bud Selig who must’ve been better at selling used cars than he is at running MLB??? Somehow I believe Selig would have had to have taken the bets himself to have believed any wrong doing among the Black Sox. Rafael Palmeiro is still the ONLY major league baseball player nailed to the wall for taking steroids, even though just looking at Barry Bonds you’d know he’s been on the juice. But surely I digress…

This is about the White Sox backing in to capture the AL Central Crown. Not really sure how you can back into anything with the 2nd best record in baseball. And even though NOBODY predicted the White Sox for post season play, support for Ozzie Guillen for AL Manager of the Year seems to have disappeared. Not sure I understand why. Eric Wedge seems to have gained momentum, even though the Cleveland Indians might not even make the AL playoffs as a wild card team. Congrats to Ozzie Guillen & his GO GO WHITE SOX!!! Here’s hoping for a CHICAGO WHITE SOX CHAMPIONSHIP!!! GO SOX GO!!!

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