Happy 1st Birthday to theBaseballZealot.com!!! Happy 40th Birthday to Greg Maddux!!! Happy 50th Birthday to me!!! There are quite a few baseball players, past & present, born on April 14th. Including All Time hits leader Pete Rose and Greg Maddux who picked up his 320th win just two days ago. Wanna give a Baseball Happy Birthday shout out to Bobby Sprowl (born on my day), Brad Ausmus, Gregg Zaun, Kyle Farnsworth, David Justice (what was he thinking divorcing Halle Berry?), Greg Myers, Steve Avery, Roberto Mejia, Jesse Levis, Carlos Perez, Chris Welsh, Mike Trombley, Brad Pennington, Joe Lahoud, Mark Bomback, Frank Bertaina, Marty Keough, and Don Mueller.

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4 Responses to “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU”

  1. on a sad note, this is also the anniversary of Lincoln’s assassination.

    downer, i know..

  2. Jackie Robinson died on my birthday. Does THAT count?

    My birthday team includes Jim Brosnan, Omar Moreno, F P Santangelo, Mike Matthews, John Jeter, Rawly Eastwick (Didn’t he win Game Seven in 1975?), Gene Larkin (didn’t he win a World Series game in 1991?), Gary Serum and Ron Gardenhire. Anybody recognize any of those names?

    Unless Ozzie Bluege is in the Hall of Fame (I don’t know, and have NO desire to look it up), we are shut out of the Hall.

    It also included Rafael Furcal before he “came clean.” That surprised me. I could see a guy lying about the YEAR to make himself look like a better prospect. But lying about the DAY? I would think a guy might be a little sentimental about his birthday.

    On what conservatives consider to be a “sad note,” my birthday is also United Nations Day.

  3. I always say April 14th is the day Lincoln was shot, the Titanic hit an iceberg, and I was born. Needed a really good thing to counteract the other events!!! It should be noted that most war savvy surgeons of Lincoln’s day knew better than to remove a bullet from one’s head, but the best doctor’s in the country had no such knowledge.

  4. My baseball birthdays:
    Eppa Rixey: no idea he was in the HOF

    Red Ruffing: allowed record 505 HR

    Ryan Dempster: no ER yet this year.

    sentimental favorite:
    Davey Lopes: good career considering he debuted at 28

    …also a Keith Smith :)

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