Hawkeroo and the Mute Button

by Teddy Ballgame

The current White Sox team is fun to watch, but I can’t listen any longer. You know that the Hawk & DJ are the worst when the best you’ve ever heard of the “Disasterous Duo” is, “they’re not that bad”. Well if they’re not that bad, then who the hell is?

If I have to hear “Put it on the board, YES!”, “He gone!”, or “You got that right, Hawk!” one more time I think I’ll lose it. As a lifetime White Sox fan these guys are the worst. And they keep getting worse. I thought Tom Paciorek was bad, but he was nothing compared to the Hawk’s sidekick in a coma DJ. DJ is nothing more than a bobbing head Chihuahua, he agrees with everything the Hawkmeister has to say.

They are continually talking about how things are different than when they played. Excuse me, but their careers weren’t really anything to talk about. Hawk nicknamed for the size of his beek rather than his skills as an outfielder played eight years and managed a .239 career average. During which time he was on six different teams, mostly because he was a nonconformist and a troublemaker. Now he’s a company man, but he’s just plain bad! Darrin Jackson played 15 years in the majors, mostly as a defensive replacement. My question is whether DJ stands for Darrin Jackson or Dull Joe?

It’s just a shame that I’ve got to watch the White Sox in silence. While keying this story I looked up to see the Sox just completed a three game sweep of the Kansas City Royals. Made all the sweeter with the mute button on.

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  1. LOL! I went to mlb.com today and the first thing i heard on their video segment was “Chris Widger! Put it on the board! ;)

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