Yes, the White Sox defeated the Mariners 2-1 behind the exceptional pitching of Mark Buehrle…
Give Ichiro an at-bat or two more and that outcome might be in question. Ichiro sliced a line drive triple in the 8th and eventually scored the lone Mariner run. He just makes things happen. He was 3 for 4 for the day and is currently hitting .432 this season.

I have a vicarious history with Ichiro. In 2002, the Illowa APBA League (a simulation baseball league I’m in) had both Albert Pujols and Ichiro Suzuki available in the rookie draft. DS is also in the league was all gung ho about picking Ichiro and couldn’t understand why anyone else didn’t feel the same way. I had the first pick in the draft and had my eye on Pujols.

Throughout the off-season, we traded good natured barbs about who was better and when the time came, I picked Pujols and DS picked Ichiro. I should say these barbs were good natured but very pointed.

When the next convention rolled around, DS surprised me with a framed picture of Pujols. That picture is now up in my office wall.

When Ichiro broke the hits record last year, I called DS up on his cell phone to congratulate him. He was out bowling with buddies and had a few drinks but I was able to get the message across and I think it meant something to him that I took the time to call.

That is my connection with Ichiro. Hats off to him and he has my deepest respect as a baseball player. More and more, i understand why DS wanted him so bad.

But I’m still glad I have Pujols ;-)

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