I’ve got a joke for you.. this year’s All-Star Voting

You gotta wonder if anyone who votes for All-Stars even looks at how the players are doing (or if they’re playing at all). This year’s voting re-enforces my notion that voting should be left to managers, players, sportswriters, anyone who has a clue.

Yes, it’s the fan’s game and they ultimately pay the the salaries of the players… I’ve heard the arguement before. But why is Garciaparra with his 51 at-bats leading the NL shortstops in the balloting?

Why he’s even still on the ballot instead of Neifi Perez I don’t know. Unfortunately, it looks like the Neifi! write-in campaign isn’t working.

This definitely a situation where democracy is NOT working.

NL balloting results so far

AL balloting results so far

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One Response to “I’ve got a joke for you.. this year’s All-Star Voting”

  1. BZ, you inspired me to cast my 25 votes. Now all you baseball fans, VOTE VOTE VOTE!!! Just like in Chicago elections you get to vote 25 times!!!

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