Chicks dig the longball!!! And so do the fans. The home run rate is up and so are the number of runs scored. The theories continue to mount. Some think there might be a tighter strike zone, more pitchers may have been on steroids than hitters, batters fine tuning their swings during the WBC, or nicer weather might be accounting for more balls sailing over the wall. Some may say I’m into conspiracies, but it seems obvious to me that with the crackdown on steroids MLB put out juiced balls to keep the fans coming to the ole ballpark. It would be so simple for somebody out there to test this theory by checking balls of the past with balls of the present.

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  1. “Chicks dig the longball!!!”

    Reminds me of that commercial way back when with Mark Prior and some other pitcher…

    trying to convince us that chicks dig pitchers too. :)

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