On a night when the White Sox were Hammered & Nailed in Arlington, the same promotion was taking place on the Northside of Chicago at the Claddagh Ring. But the two nights had totally different meanings! Texas beat up on the Pale Hose 8-0 and to top it off Ranger starter Vicente Padilla nailed A.J. Pierzynski twice in the game, both teams were warned after the 2nd beaning. Ozzie Guillen brought rookie relief pitcher Sean Tracy into the contest with one thing in mind, hit Hank Blalock with a pitch, and thus protect his hitters. Tracey came inside on Blalock before getting him out. A fuming Guillen sprang out of the dugout and removed Tracey from the game. Guillen couldn’t admit he wanted Sean to hit Hank, saying only Tracey wasn’t a mopup man, his mopup man wasn’t ready when Javier Vazquez was pulled, and that’s why he removed Sean after facing just one hitter. It was reported Tracey will be sent down after failing to carry out the skipper’s orders. Almost forgot to explain the Hammered & Nailed promo at the Claddagh Ring. For $12 you get a manicure and a drink, it’s a real crowd pleaser among the ladies, which brings them into the bar, which is a real crowd pleaser for the men.

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4 Responses to “MISSED & DISMISSED”

  1. So Ozzie was a first class jerk (typical of the White Sox), then lied about it. What a wonderful guy!

  2. This is one of those old baseball traditions that I could never understand.
    Pitching inside, fine. But to intentionally hit a batter. Nope.. can’t wrap my brain around that concept.

    I know plenty of baseball people who think it is an acceptable practice. And that surprises me too.
    and of course, Ozzie lied about it. He’d be facing a stiff fine (or worse).

  3. Come on, Ozzie’s not running for friggin sainthood!!! He’s a major league baseball manager. His job is to win ballgames. Part of winning games is protecting your players. There is NO WAY Vicente Padilla ACCIDENTALLY hit A.J. twice. Guillen was only doing what he had to do, I suppose he could have had a player lay down a bunt down the firstbase line and run over the pitcher as he went over to field the ball. But I think a HBP to the butt is a lot better choice, IMHO.

  4. How does intentionally hitting a batter win you ballgames?

    I know this tradition goes far back in baseball history and nothing is going to change but I still don’t like it.

    Maybe it’s the parent in me but when I see s–t like is, it reminds me of three-year olds in a fight.

    Get over it, take your anger out on the other team by beating them not by retaliating.

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