New look and sound for Outsider Radio

I’ve always been a fan of Outsider Radio since Brandon Rosage started it a couple years ago. After a change of format, I like it just as much…maybe even better.

Okay, I’ll get this out of the way. They don’t talk strictly about baseball anymore. But most baseball fans I know enjoy other sports so this should be a plus. And quite honestly, they give baseball its due especially during the season.

Outsider Radio is now co-hosted by Sam Panayotovich. Podcast listeners may recognize Sam from the old Sam and Sam Show. Oh, a bonus for my Illini readers… Sam P is a University of Illinois student.

What hasn’t changed about Outsider Radio is the focus on listener interaction, something I’ve always enjoyed about the show. Nowadays, you can be a part of show by calling in (yes, it’s a live show now), leaving a voice mail, email, IM, you name it.

Since the bevy of Rosage’s podcasts (including Outsider Radio, The Pitch, and a host of others) have joined the Most Valuable Network or MVN, they’ve jazzed up their website and have access to whole range of resources.

That said, I like to think that they still hold to their “Outsider” mentality when covering baseball and sports in general. Listening to Sam P and Brandon, I think they have. They’re moving up but haven’t lost what makes them good.

Outsider Radio is broadcasted Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7pm. Check out their new website.

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