“Old” guy misses field goal for $1 mil

Bill Szijarto, from Port Robinson, Ontario, missed his chance to make $1 million by kicking a 50 yard field goal at a halftime event during a Roughriders/Argonauts game (that’s CFL, folks).

Ok, he’s not that old. He’s only 43. But either he lied about his age or they really age fast in Canada. Yikes.

Bill Szijarto

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4 Responses to ““Old” guy misses field goal for $1 mil”

  1. Oh, the jokes are just too easy given the sponsor. :-)

  2. yeah, I was going to say.. does Wendy’s really want their name on a 43 year old fat guy who looks like he’s about 60?

    hmm it’s their choice.

  3. After 5 seasons The old guy still is the only one to have kicked 2 distances and is the oldest to have kicked anything at all. Maybe that should count for something… I grew up with him and he’s ok…
    he had some personal tragedy in his life watching his daughter take sick for 8 years and pass away before she turned 10.. So you make fun of his looks,
    Baseball Zealot and Chicago BoB, you are ignorant and pathetic..

  4. Dear His Friends,
    It’s done all in humor. For what it’s worth, he looks in better shape than I am. :) Congrats to him on the long standing record.

    My condolences on his daughter.


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