I went to the White Sox/Yankee game yesterday at the Cell in hopes of a victory. There was even some laughter as we left the hot dog stand on 35th Street south of the ballyard that this would be the day a one game winning streak would begin for the Southsiders. The reason for thinking another L would appear on this year’s record for the Palehose after the day was through was obvious enough, Randy Johnson versus Jose Contreras. More nervous laughter was uttered after observing Pablo Ozuna, Chris Widger, and overmatched rookie Brian Anderson would be in the Sox starting lineup against The Big Unit. It was a true story of David versus Goliath.

The game started off true to form when Pablo Ozuna after singling to open the contest, stole 2nd, and was picked off after Tadahito Iguchi failed to advance him to third. Of Course the Bronx Bombers scored a run to seemingly put the game away with an insermountable lead of 1-0.

But then came the 4th inning! This would not be an inning you’d have wanted to have missed in the bathroom. Tadahito Iguchi launched a solo homer over the rightfield wall to knot the score at one. Aaron Rowand followed suit with a carbon copy of Tadahito’s blast. And then with two strikes on Paul Konerko, Randy Johnson tried to fool Paulie with a breaking ball, the only fool was Johnson, as Konerko made it back-to-back-to-back jacks deep into the leftfield stands. After a couple of singles Chris Widger of all people sealed the deal with a three run gong to left. After each home run the GO SOX GO Fight Song was played. It was only the 3rd time in White Sox history they’d hit three consecutive home runs, the last time being 5-3-00.

Final score Good Guys 6, Yankees 2. GO SOX GO!!!

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