The two younger twin brothers of Jonathan Papelbon, Jeremy and Joshua, have a friendly wager going.

“Both the Spinners and the Hawks roster one of the Papelbon twins, little brothers of Boston Red Sox closer Jonathan Papelbon, who were both drafted out of the University of North Florida in last June’s Draft. Left-hander Jeremy plays for Boise while right-handed submariner Joshua plays for Lowell.

The Papelbon Papel-bet will pit the twins against one another in a friendly wager based on their season-ending ERA’s. Whichever team’s Papelbon has the highest ERA loses and makes a contribution to the winning Papelbon’s charity of choice.”

I really think it’s great that they’re donating the money to charity. I also don’t doubt this is a good marketing move on Papelbons’ part. Not only is there an added incentive to pitch well but it keeps their name in the public eye.

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