Phat Albert

I love this photo from USAToday.  Especially the look the woman on the left is giving the kids.  But when it comes to Phat Albert, what can you do?  My son’s third-grade teacher, who is a St Louis Cardinals fan, calls Albert a “man among men”.  She would understand.

USA Today’s Jon Saraceno, has written an article about Albert Pujols.  It’s something that should be read by all those fans booing (and for that matter, the media who are glorifying) Barry Bonds right now. 

It’s quite simple.  Saraceno claims, “the real story is Albert Pujols, not Barry Bonds.”



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3 Responses to “Phat Albert”

  1. I don’t like articles like this. Completely devoid of facts and totally ignorant of history. The same article was written about McGwire in 1998. I hate to say this, but years from now when Pujols is on the downside of his career some journalist or malevolent chemist will find some way to knock Pujols off the pedestal he’s on right now. It will be sad and possibly undeserving, but unfortunately this is the state of the heartless society we live in.

  2. Boy, aren’t we the cynical one..

    I agree, no facts (well, there are facts but I get your point).

    But from reading the Cards blogs, I get the feeling that some Cards fans are more concerned about that special feeling he brings them than facts and history.

    And who wants to throttle a little innocence and soul searching with facts and figures when it comes to baseball?

    Not me.

  3. I guess the journalistic term for this type of article is “puff piece”. OK, I guess I’ll accept that there’s an audience for this type of thing. But I’m still blaming puff pieces for the awful Olympic TV coverage here in the USA.

    I love what Pujols has done and is continuing to do for the game. He’s a hero to many and I hope it stays that way.

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