She’s a keeper

Today is my anniversary.  I have been married to my wonderful wife for 16 years now. 

She’s quite the trooper.  For our honeymoon, we went to Cooperstown to see Johnny Bench, Carl Yastrzemski, and Red Schoendienst inducted into the Hall.  I remember a lot of red being worn around town that weekend for some reason.

Harry Caray was awarded the Ford Frick award that year.  For a Cub fan, that was a thrill for me.

I also remember Bart Giamatti, the “Intellectual” Commissioner who died too young, being booed by the Rose fans in the crowd.  “Free Pete Rose! Free Pete Rose!”

After the ceremony inside the museum, I was waiting in line for a movie or something and there was an elderly gentleman ahead of us.  He had a name tag like he might be someone special.  I glanced at it and it said:

(Prince Hal)

Hal Schumacher

This was Prince Hal Schumacher who pitched for the New York Giants in the 30’s and 40’s!  Career record of 158-121 with an ERA of 3.36. 

I struck a friendly conversation with him while we were waiting but didn’t pepper him with questions.  He seemed like a real nice man.  It didn’t occur to me till afterwards to get his autograph.  Oh well, opportunity lost, memory gained.  I just looked him up.  Turns out he was living in Cooperstown when he died four years after I met him.

Anyway, thanks to my wife for a great honeymoon and sixteen wonderful years.




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3 Responses to “She’s a keeper”

  1. He’s a keeper (too). I’m really glad I married you, Honey. The Cooperstown honeymoon was a lot of fun. We’ve been back there once since then. I imagine we’ll go again… maybe when Santo makes it in. Happy Anniversary!

    Mrs. Baseball Zealot

  2. Glad to see the better half reads the blog. Better watch what i say then..

  3. I was at the wedding, seems like only yesterday, we were dancing around the Maypole in traditional Swedish garb. You both are keepers, there’ll be no throwing either back in the Wrigley Field tradition.

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