I just watched a fantastic documentary by John Fitzgerald called The Emerald Diamond. The movie is about baseball in Ireland. Surprisingly enough I got it through Netflix. It shows how recently baseball in Ireland began. Also mentions about how the Olympics getting rid of baseball in 2012 will be quite a blow to baseball in Europe. Here in the United States, Latin America, and now even in Japan, kids grow up with the idea of one day making it to the major leagues. But in Europe kids playing baseball dream of one day representing their country. This is a very well done documentary, that gave me a different perspective of baseball, and is a must see (even if you’re not Irish, but especially if you are).

You can find out more about the movie by going to website here. By clicking here you can even read the blog.

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  1. I got a chance to watch it the other night. Very interesting.

    Talk about a team that rose from obscurity to being a force over in Europe.

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