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I was out there to see what all the fuss was all about, see Kerry Wood, and see some of the Honeys in the Bleachers catch some rays. Some idiotic drunk woman fan at Tuesday’s game threw a baseball at the head of Jacque Jones, luckily it missed. I’ve been drunk, but never that drunk, or at least never that drunk with a baseball in my hand. To top it off the Cubs ushered her out of the Drunken Confines without arresting her, defies explanation. This was a day game, under the sun, the way God intended baseball to be played. There were some early morning showers, but the sun came out and the game was played. Kerry Wood allowed two 2nd inning homers and the Cubbies never recovered from their 3-0 hole, losing to the Nats 5-3. Wood’s fastball was not there, as he topped out at 93 MPH. There were plenty of Honeys present. But the highlight of today was getting together with some new friends I’ve met in the Right-Centerfield Bleachers: Judy, Marvin, & Holly. Judy has been keeping score in the Bleachers since 1963, Marvin’s been out there everyday for the last 60 years, while Holly’s a newbie only coming for the last nine years. I look forward to reading Holly’s book about stories from the Bleachers called, Keep Your Scorecards Dry, as soon as it gets published. These are the REAL Bleacher Bums!

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