There’s no “I” in Soriano…wait yes, there is

Alfonso Soriano had better be careful. 

Despite the fact that he is a four-time all-star second baseman (certainly not because of his defense), he is still employed by the Washington Nationals and MLB and (more importantly, in my opinion) he is not the manager of the team.  He doesn’t call the shots.  If he is told by his manager to play outfield, by god man, do it.  I don’t care if in the infinite wisdom of Frank Robinson and general manager Jim Bowden, they see fit to make him the backup catcher.  You just say “Yes, sir.  Anything to help the team.” 

But I guess that kind of thinking is old fashioned.  At this point, Soriano has been scheduled to play outfield for the Nats and Soriano is balking.  And he is in serious jeopardy of being disqualified by the team.

Not the way you want to start the last year before free agency.  Teams frown on that kind of attitude.

On a side note, the Nats had Soriano scheduled to lead off.  That had me puzzled.  Soriano has a lifetime .320 OBP and isn’t getting better.  Last year, it was .309.


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