Babe Ruth
Babe Ruth once ate between a dozen and 18 hot dogs before collapsing. Ruth was renowned for his ferocious appetite for hot dogs, beer, & women. I know hot dogs weren’t illegal, nor were they a banned substance, but they added bulk to the Babe’s frame giving him the strength to hit baseballs out of ballparks. His beer drinking eased his mind so he didn’t have to worry about which pitch a pitcher was going to throw him. All he had to remember was his home run trot. And all the women in his life relieved tension, making it easier for him to perform on the baseball diamond. Now you can’t tell me these weren’t unfair advantages over the typical major leaguer. Back in his day the Bambino hit more home runs than several teams.

Barry Bonds
Have you seen the picture of Bonds in drag? Enough said. Hasn’t this man suffered enough? Everybody knew Barry was doing steroids, but baseball chose to ignore the situation. Bonds wasn’t the only one doing it either, the problem came to a head when several stars needed more than one baseball card to fit their picture on. While juice wasn’t a banned substance, it was illegal, but baseball was rebounding from a strike and home runs were great theatre. I’m not saying there’s a conspiracy, but there certainly was some complicity.

Hank Aaron
And we’re certainly not going to let Hank Aaron off the hook. Hank was larger, stronger, and possessed greater hitting skills than most of his fellow ballplayers. Just looking at Aaron’s physique you could tell he worked hard to sculpt his body into the Hammer he’d become. Alot of other players weren’t paid as much as he was, making it necessary for them to take on offseason jobs, while Henry could just work on his baseball abilities. Talk about an unfair advantage!

I guess what I’m trying to say is, Give it a rest Bud Selig! Go back to selling used cars! Baseball decided not to test for steroids and “allow” players to use them while other sports weren’t, live with that decision. Now steroids are banned and there’s a testing system in place. You can’t go back and change what’s happened. Stop pretending you didn’t know it was happening! I’m tired of the hypocricy! Let’s not whine about unfair advantages of the past, LET’S PLAY BALL!!!

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