What Cost Team Loyalty?

This is for DonS who recently wrote about the futility of the Royals. Apparently, he’s not the only one who feels this way.    Chad Carroll  auctioned off 25 years of loyalty to the Royals.

Frustrated with the Powder Blue?  Sure sounds like it.  Carroll used Ebay to auction his long-time loyalty off.

What amazes me is that he actually found a bidder.  According to the Star, a group of nine friends pooled their money and raised $278.47 and were the winning bidders.  Carroll was happy.

“It really does feel like a big weight has been lifted,” said Carroll, 34, who lives in Maryland. “I can’t tell you how good it feels. I really can’t.”

Yeah, I’ll bet.

Carroll plans on giving up all memorabilia including signed baseballs and a signed Brett jersey to his brother who remains a KC fan.

/hat tip Baseball Musings for the link

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One Response to “What Cost Team Loyalty?”

  1. I’ve seen a posting in a forum that points out that despite their current dire situation, the Royals can boast a championship within those 25 years of his loyalty. He doesnt know how lucky he had it.

    A lot of teams, including my Cubbies can’t say the same.

    Something my wife couldnt help but point out when I related this story to her..

    “But honey, hasn’t it been since like, 1908…


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